Testez votre niveau d’anglais !

Choisissez la réponse qui vous semble correcte. Pour que ce test soit juste, il est nécessaire de l’effectuer seul et sans l’usage d’une aide extérieure (dictionnaire, internet…)

Bon test !

Test d'anglais

How old ______ your mother ?

Hello ! How are you ________ today ?

How many cigars ________ he smoke ?

_______ are 15 players in a rugby team.

Excuse me, _______ you tell me the way to the station, please ?

People ________ not smoke in a petrol station.

She is __________ tired to go to out tonight.

How many people _________ there on the boat ?

We are lost, could you help _________ please ?

What __________ you doing this week-end ?

I can’t stand having to ________ potatoes.

There were no seats on the bus so we ________

Dogs love to __________ bones in the garden.

He is ________ on the last flight.

He _______ me by calling me a pig.

_________ to live in Paris, but now I live here.

I’m afraid I ________ not used to driving on the left.

I have no cash so I ________ to use my credit card.

I am looking ________ to meeting them.

If it rains, we ________ go to the zoo.

I can’t but a new car _________ I earn more money.

I haven’t got _________ cash to pay.

He is __________ strong that he can lift two boxes.

It was __________ dreadful weather that we did not go.

She was _______friendly lady that we all liked her.

He sat the exam ________ feeling ill.

She took the test __________ she felt dizzy.

She took the test __________ she felt dizzy.

The book was _______ amusing than the movie.

English is much _________ to learn than Chinese.

He told me ______ come back the following day.

Paul asked me _______ I had a competition.

The doctor tried to persuade me to stop ________ .

The police wanted to know ________ I had left the car.

He wanted to know ________ bike I had borrowed.

“_________ would you like,” she asked, “white or red ?”

How _________ do you go to the church?

I wonder __________ she chose such an ugly colour.

He doesn’t know _________ to go to Australia or New Zealand.

I don’t like milk in my coffee. No, _________ do I.

You’d _________ take an umbrella.

I should take swimming trunks ________ it is sunny.

They spend their holidays at home _______ going abroad.

I’m interested ________ geography.

I’m confused ________ mathematics.

She’s far too fond ________ sweets.

He jumped ________ the train and broke an arm.

She was peeping _____ the window and saw the milkman coming.

They put my boarding pass and passport ________ a drawer.

Please look _______ my garden while I am away in China.

Sue _________ born in 1974.

While my mother was ________ in Wales.

My father ________ a job with the local council.

After we _______________ living there for several years we returned to Ireland.

« Ireland is your real home », I _______ told.

I don’t speak gaelic, but if we _______ stayed in Ireland longer….

I _________ have spoken it pretty well.

After ________ school in England, I went to University.

I went to Oxford, but I wish I ______ gone to Cambridge.

I hated it, but I know I _______ have enjoyed it.

Friends were __________ and far between.

I was so busy that I had very ________ spare time.

My grant was so small that it was difficult to make ______ meet.

Although I hated it, I stuck it out to the ________ end.

I didn’t seem to have anything in ________ with anyone else.

So I stood out like a _________ out of water.

I had high hopes ________ doing very well.

My exam results, _______, didn’t match up to my efforts.

When I got my first job I was over the __________ .

« You can start on Monday », the letter said, and I was _________ .

You don’t speak Chinese, ________ you ?

You will tell me if you don’t understand me, _____ you ?

You __________ understand, do you ?

« You were driving too fast, ________ you ? » the policeman said.

You told me you had spent 7 hours on the ferry, _____ you ?

It was said she couldn’t read a word, _____ it ?

You think this is too easy, ________ you ?

I’m right, ___________ I ?

Where on ________ did you hide the treasure map ?

I bet you are looking forward to _________ this.

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