Famille Au pair à Derby

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    La famille B. recherche une jeune fille au pair à Derby pour s'occuper de 2 petites filles de 6 et 9 ans et de leurs frères de 11 et 13 ans qui sont plus autonomes.

    Date et durée

    Date de début de séjour : dès que possible
    Durée de séjour : 6 à 12 mois – idéalement 10 mois.


    Royaume-Uni, Angleterre, Derby,

    Séjour en détail

    Famille Au pair à Derby

    Type de séjour au pair : S’occuper de 4 enfants après l’école et les aider à se préparer le matin
    Enfants :deux garçons de 11 et 13 ans et deux filles de 6 et 9 ans
    Mission : Vous devrez principalement accompagner les enfants à l’école et à leurs activités
    Nombre d’heures par semaine : 25h/semaine
    Argent de poche/semaine : 100£/sem

    Poste idéal pour une jeune fille au pair qui souhaite découvrir l’Angleterre et qui aime la vie de famille.

    La famille choisira en priorité les candidates ayant le PSS – Pre-Settled Status ou souhaitant venir avec un visa étudiant.


    Profil souhaité par la famille

    Niveau de langue : anglais niveau faible accepté (A2) – la famille est prête à donner sa chance à une candidate avec des difficultés en anglais.
    Permis : NON
    Fumeur accepté : Non
    Au pair : jeune fille

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    Informations complémentaires

    This is a really fantastic opportunity to stay with a fun, lively family in the Midlands area of England.  Most of the childcare will be for the two younger girls.  The au pair would enjoy excellent accommodation in a great area.  The family are offering excellent free language tuition and the opportunity to gain a qualification as part of the cultural exchange.  They have had a great four years with their previous au pairs and are looking forward to having someone new to come and share their home! They promise to offer great opportunities to explore the country and have lots of fun together.

    My name is Hazel and I work as a Deputy Head and English teacher in a local school (so work school term time only).  As a fully qualified English teacher – I coached both Vicaand Rita through the English qualifications they chose to pursue during their time in England.  My husband is Ben and he works in Finance in Nottingham (c.15 miles from Derby).  Together we’re keen cooks and bakers and keep ourselves busy finishing renovating our house.  We enjoy getting outdoors with our children and being with our friends and their children. 

    We have four children

    Anna (or Boo)is 6 years old and the typical baby of the family.  We all look after her and she is very funny, if a little crazy.  Holly (our little Ballerina)is 9 years old. She’s a very popular young lady with a very caring character.  At school she always does her best and loves nothing more than hiding away with a good book. Leo (or lovely Leo)is 11 years old and a very kind and caring young man and likes a lot of love.  Leo really likes being outdoors and exploring.  Isaac (or Ize)is 13 years old and eats, sleeps and breathes football.  He’s always on the go, bright and popular.

    Anna and Holly go to St Mary’s Catholic Primary School and Leo and Isaac go to St Benedict Catholic Academy (where I teach), both of which are just one to two kilometres from our house.

    We also have Ruby, a fourteenyear oldBorder Terrier, a small dog.  She’s very much part of the family but very low maintenance.  We encourage the children to help look after her, but if you like dogs she will never say no to a walk.

    As a family we enjoy long sunny summer holidays camping in South West France with lots of fresh air, food, swimming and cycling.  In winter we also love to ski in France.  The children enjoy swimming, ballet, boxing, football and after school clubs.

    Where we live 

    We live in a great spacious house in Derby, with a modern garden basement space for an au-pair including your own large bedroom (with double bed, desk, seating area, storage, tv and wifi), your own shower room and kitchen/dining area (useful if you don’t always want to eat with us) and direct access to the garden.  The children’s playroom is also in the basement.  As a family, we spend most of our time in our lovely, large open plan kitchen/dining/family area.  We all have our own bedrooms upstairs.  We also have a nice private sunny garden and hope you would feel very comfortable in our house.

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    How an au-pair would help us  

    On weekdays, we get the children up in the morning and start breakfast, but both normally leave for work at 07:30.  So we would require you to help with breakfast from 07:15, get the children ready to leave the house at 08:10 and then walk the girls to primary school for 08:30.  You would collect the girls from primary school (c.15:00), walk, or cycle, them home, listen to Anna read and play with them all until we get home (c.17:00-18:00). 

    So, you would be free during the day from c.09:00 to c.15:00 to attend language school, explore, socialise, exercise and enjoy yourself. 

    We would hope you would be comfortable in the kitchen and when asked be able to prepare basic meals for the children and yourself, including introducing them to your favourite dishes from your home country. 

    You would also babysit up to two times per week. 

    You would keep all your areas of the house clean and tidy and tidy up after yourself when using other parts of the house.  You would not be expected to undertake general cleaning but should encourage our children to take responsibility for keeping their own areas tidy.  You would undertake the majority of washing and ironing for the household (including helping the children to change their beds). 

    It’s a busy house, with four active children, it’s fun and we share a lot of great times together.  We think it would be good, if you came from a large family yourself and understood what being part of a big family is all about.  We do our best to ensure our children grow up understanding how blessed we all are and that we all have a part to play in running our busy house. 

    How we can help an au-pair 

    As a teacher, I work during school term times and have regular holidays (a week in late October; two weeks at Christmas; a week in mid-February; two weeks at Easter; and a week in late May).  We would ask that you return home at Christmas as we are often away or have extended family to stay, but otherwise during these times you would be free to explore our beautiful country or beyond, or return home regularly should you wish. 

    As an English teacher I can coach you through English qualifications so not only could you improve your spoken English, we could work together towards a formal qualification to take home at the end of the year. 

    We are really looking forward to another cultural exchange and supporting you in exploring our beautiful country and learning lots about English culture during your stay.  We know it’s a big decision, but we will do everything we can to help you settle in and feel at home here.  

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